HIV is one of the deadliest plagues known to human history. Since the first cases were reported in 1981, nearly 700,000 people in the United States and more than 35 million people have been killed globally. Sub-Saharan African shares 68% of the global burden of HIV prevalence, although the population represents 10% of the world population. More than 38,000 new HIV infections occur every year in the United States.  In 2016, there were 15.2 new infections per 100,000 population of California. African-American is the most disproportionately impacted racial groups accounting for 44% of new HIV case nationally and 11% of Santa Clara County.  MSM, including those who inject drugs, continue to represent more than two-thirds of new HIV infections in the United States—27,400 per year in 2015 despite representing less than 3% of the U.S. population.

Pathway for HIV free communities

The race to functional zero for new HIV infections, Getting to Zero (GTZ), is a nationwide, multi-sector, and multi-dimensional effort that may help build the pathway for HIV free communities. The goal is to make sure all communities are getting the right physical, mental, emotional, and social support.

ACHI partnering with the ROOTS clinic is providing comprehensive HIV/STD-related behavioral and clinical services. We welcome Africans, African Americans, and African descendants in Santa Clara County, California. Take advantage of the free resources, access to free and rapid testing, and related counseling and support. To help the underserved immigrant who has a language barrier, we have also translated information for the Amharic and Tigrinya African Languages. Our staff will also coordinate support for other languages as needed. If you know someone who has a language barrier but needs assistance, please refer the individual to ACHI. To learn more check the following links, which consist of educational resources on how to Prevent yourself from HIV, or if you are already HIV positive, how you may get assistance so you could enjoy a normal life.   

Educational Resources


Change your mind to prevent yourself from HIV infection

What is PrEP? What to do before, during and after visit?

Amharic (ኣማርኛ)

Educational video (ትምህርታዊ ቪድዮ)

Change your mind (ኣስተሳሰብህን ለውጥ) 

Tigrinya (ትግርኛ)

Educational video (ትምህርቲ ሓዘል ቪድዮ)

Change your mind (ኣተሓሳስባኻ ቅይር)

PrEP (መዓልታዊ ዘሰድ ከኑና) እንታይ እዩ?