ACHI COVID-19 Programs

ACHI understand that the Shelter in place is difficult for everybody, but in particular it is very challenging time for immigrant and refugees. Many will soon be challenged both by health convert and meeting the daily needs. Even-though, these challenges are overselling, there is always better to get connected and get the right information in order to be get some solutions and hope during this difficult time. To help this, ACHI will collect information relavant for our community. As special COVID-19 program, ACHI will also start virtual gourd discussion session as virtual support system via Zoom meetings. We will help every Mon, Wed and Friday (11 am to 1 pm) Zoom meeting with various educational topics and open time for question. To join our group, send email to

The following links have for more information about COVID-19, we will continue update the information as needed. 

The County of Santa Clara COVID-19

Coronavirus Facts

Coronavirus (Amharic እማርኛ)

Coronovairus (Tigrinya ትግርኛ)

Immigrant Eligibility for COVID-19 pubic programs

Governor Newsom Initiative to California workers

COVID-19 Resources for Immigrant and Refugees