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It’s important to get correct information about Covid and vaccines. Listed below are some links on the vaccine and what you should consider when forming your own opinion.

If You Get the Pfizer or Moderna Vaccines, Getting One Dose Isn’t Enough…

Getting the vaccine is a great way to combat Covid-19, it is well known that the Johnson&Johnson Vaccine needs only one dose while Pfizer and Moderna need two. And even though getting one shot of the vaccine may sound like enough protection, it is important to get the right amount of vaccine as these sources will explain:

Why It’s Important to Get Your Second Covid-19 Vaccine Dose

Just Because The Vaccine is Here Doesn’t Mean It’s Over:

It’s important to continue to protect yourselves and your communities even after you got a dose of the vaccine. Covid is still here and will be for a long time so take care of yourself and others.

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 – CDC: About Variants

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The best way to overcome this difficult time is to get the right information and stay connected as much as possible. ACHI continues to collect information relevant to our community. Check the links below for more information, which also includes translations in Amharic and Tigrinya East African Languages.

ACHI is also hosting a special COVID-19 program via Zoom a weekly group discussion session as a support system. To learn more about the special program and join our group, email us at or call (408) 833-4109.