Programs and Services

ACHI through a long experience of working with refuse/immigrant population has researched and identified major problems facing new refugees from Africa during their initial resettlement phase. To serve, these underserved community population, ACHI has partnered with organizations and developed several services listed below that will help provide resources so needs are appropriately met.  Whenever possible program areas were selected carefully so they complement each other to meet the needs of the clients in all aspects of their health and well-being.

Information and Referral

achi bridgeThis is the first step for each of our clients, where we perform thorough clients needs assessment and create suitable path for each client for their walk toward self-sufficientcy and healthy integration with their new community. Based on the specific needs of the client, we provide necessary information, orientation and referral or recommendation to other service programs in our organization or other local partnering organizations.  This is the first step also where we initiate new culturally and linguistically sensitive services in order to accommodate some of the clients primary needs when competent services are not available within our local sister organizations.

Group and Individual Support

supportIn this program, we attempt to connect clients with similar needs through a social support system that is based on the groups native cultures and language with strong confidentially policy we impose to protect our clients privacy. As most refugee and immigrants goes through a traumatic journey before entering to USA either due to war, abuse, illiteracy and cultural differences, this support system is the most helpful for most of our clients to overcome several of their challenges or obstacles and understand how to safely navigate over the system of their new environment and become self-sufficient. If need clients will also be referred to counseling and/or social work services. We form social support system as needs arise in various age category seniors, women, parental, professional and youth.

General Health Education and Nutrition Classes

Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes. In addition, we provide nutrition classes to develop healthy and affordable eating habits.

Fitness and stress management classes

Through our dedicaed volunteers, we also provide weekly yoga and various exercies classes to seniors. This special class also include socialization bringing both physical and mental exercise of clients.

ELS Classes
As part of our educational services, we provide various free of charge classes to develop new skills and enhance knowledge of our clients with the help of volunteers. ELS is one of the first and important class designed to help clients with no or limited capacity on their English communication skills. We have so many success stories with ELS classes, especially with the senior clients who enhanced tremendously their English communication skills.


We also provide various other services including

Immigration Naturalization yearly during citzenship day representing three native languages: Amharic, Somali and Tigriyna

Family Workshops and Seminars

Vocational classes such as sewing

Research and Development